• Leora

    clock4 days ago

    I was 20 yrs old and in college in MD. I watched in horror on my friend's tv as the live broadcast showed the second plane hitting the second tower of the WTC. Next, I went to the admissions office where I worked part time. I got there and all the staff were huddled around a radio in my boss' office. It was then that I heard about the Pentagon. I immediately got on the phone to check on my parents to make sure they were ok (they live right outside of DC) and to talk to mom about what she'd be facing at work...she was a nurse at a DC hospital. I was so scared. I remember going to my calculus class after leaving work and all my professor could do was sob in front of us. I remember going to my psych class after that and my prof having a heart to heart with us about the psychological mark we'd endure. I remember seeing a classmate whose dad perished in one of the towers. I remember hugging my friends, and when I was finally alone, I climbed into bed and cried under my blankets.

  • Sarah Pesto ❤️

    clock4 days ago

    Aww. Thank you, Puddles. We have to remember today. It's sad but the victims aren't suffering anymore and I know that they appreciate us honoring them. ❤️

  • David Schmidbauer

    clock4 days ago

    18 years ago I remember exactly where I was and what I did. Working as Dir of Ops for a small Ammo Company 85 miles from ground Zero. The Owner and myself didn't know if this was an isolated attack or part of a larger operation. We took "precautions" in the hours/days/weeks/months following. Previous experience trained us to do so. While I was in NY my family was in Florida. Today my two oldest children posted on Facebook. Oldest (17 years old with a 7 month old Child) - "Outside of Birthdays and Holidays there are two days I will never forget. This is one of them!". (10 years On The Job, currently LEO Detective) Second Oldest (9 years old being pulled out of School by the Wife) - "I remember my mom explaining to me what happened and the feelings as 9 year old me tried to process it". (4 years On The Job as a FDLE Crime Analyst). A single event CAN impact your Life's Path. REMEMBER!

  • clock4 days ago

    Love this... great shot... 😭😭😭

  • Melissa Joy ♥️

    clock3 days ago

    I was too young to have a personal experience with this day. I try and keep this day poignant , by asking those who are old enough to have memories of this day, what their experience was like, how they felt, what they felt, what their fears were, what they thought of. Thank you, for sharing your experience. This day, change the trajectory of our nation... the world... love to you ❤️

  • Paula VanDeusen

    clock4 days ago

    Some of the firemen who were killed, have children who became firemen. ❤🔥🗽

  • clock3 days ago

    Can’t wait to see you on Friday!! 🔥🙌👏