1978- Narankhari-Sikh Clash . . . The narankhari “Guru” claimed he was the real “bajjan wala” which was the name given to the true bajjan wala Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj. Narankharis go against the principles of sikhi and disrespect the gurus and claim to follow sikhi. On purpose to agitate the Sikhs they held a conference in Amritsar on the day of vaisakhi and now hindu nationalists claim that Bhindrawales men killed innocent people. Don’t forget our mothers grieved the lives off their innocent boys too, Hindus and narakharis aren’t the only people who lost their lives in the clashes. The Indian government did nothing too stop the narankharis EVEN AFTER Sikhs organized peaceful protests against them, but the government will support Hindus who lynch Muslims because they eat beef. Disgusting hypocrisy. -New co-owner, this is going to be my first post :) . . . #2percent #bhindrawale #sikhi #kashmirunderthreat #khalsa #bajjanwala #sikhism #sikh #waheguru