TORNADO OUTBREAK: A stormchaser captured a tornado destroying an RV near Fort Laramie, Wyoming, one of at least 11 reported twisters in Wyoming and in South Dakota, where Sioux Falls suffered significant structural damage. Complete coverage tonight.

  • Mr. Savage

    clock6 days ago

    Hope the tornado doesn’t hit Alabama. Those poor people are still recovering from hurricane Dorian🙄

  • J J

    clock5 days ago

    Storm chasers are so dramatic 😂

  • clock6 days ago

    Dude should be a commentator

  • Bert Windsor

    clock5 days ago

    Let’s just watch it until it hits you #smartone

  • Nēa J

    clock5 days ago

    Why was The Wizard of Oz my first thought? 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jangy

    clock5 days ago

    It’s coming his direction and he films it 👌🏾

  • Beto.

    clock4 days ago

    Why does my dude sound like Will Ferrel 😂

  • Friends

    clock4 days ago

    Why can’t a Scientist do or find something that this can be stop before it gets out of control. something to be thrown at it. And stop it

  • marufio

    clock5 days ago

    This is just mother nature being herself nothing unusual

  • SAM I AM

    clock6 days ago

    That is heading toward Alabama! (